Matter, antimatter, negative energy, enigmas, quantum gravitation

hroughout the reading of my book, you will be able to situate antimatter and understand its presence that cannot be neglected. Why would nature have worked out a unilateral world ? If physical laws are symmetrical, I can conclude that the quantity of antimatter, identical to the matter, exists here and now.

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"Matter, antimatter, negative energy, enigmas"

Quantum gravitation, new theory of the Whole

The key, never revealed, of the great unification between the subatomic world and the macroscopic world, is in these few pages, which gives an idea of the new Theory of Essential Relativity that Mad-Jarova developed in her book.
It is the unknown origin of the four visible interactions. It has universal functions.
Between the stars, it works in a parallel way to the gravitational force, whereas, inside the nucleus, between the quarks, it is connected to the strong nuclear interaction. It is thus applied to confinement (to the cohesion of the atom nucleus) and to the principle of exclusion.

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"Quantum gravitation, new theory of the WHOLE"

Cosmology, phenomena (original answers)

Because the universe is a tangible appearance of the essential universe, the one of the fields, which is timeless web, the big bang, the black holes, the supernovas, the creations of galaxies are made of enigma. Time, like matter, is created gradually here and now in our world.
In the subatomic or cosmic world, symmetries show nature prime laws in ultimate "fundamental symmetry" which include all particles in one whole structure.

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"Cosmology, phenomena (new answers)"

Beyond the theory of the supercordes, mysteries, revelations

Universal duality revealed in the opposition between the infinitely small and the infinitely big, from the cosmologic universe to the subatomic universe, this ambiguity of modern physics, which engenders misunderstanding of quantum physics compared with the relativity theory, is not an antagonism. This problem is solved by Mad-Jarova thanks to her new theory of Essential Relativity.

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"Science Philosophy, mysteries, revelations"