Visionary architecture and interior decoration

In 1972, Mad-Jarova began to build her own home and workshop.

Having found a suitable plot of land, she designed the architectural plans, and oversaw the building work, getting actively involved in it.

It is during that time that she created such works of consequence as the mosaic on the façade of the building and on the bathroom walls, the sculptured column entitled “Les quatre Cariatides” (“The Four Caryatids”), the library and the study, also sculptured, the statue “La Source” with its pond, and many others.

The general plan is composed of five different spaces, their volumes united in perfect asymmetrical harmony. The principal façade with the entrance is arranged into an open angle to welcome visitors, while the façade facing the garden squares back off to a right angle to achieve balance.

The garden, which follows on naturally from the house, is arranged into tiered terraces bordered by “rasterflor” wall components imported from Germany. These hollow components are designed to be stacked in an asymmetrical fashion to form lush textured walls harbouring flowers and other decorative plants. They shape the terrace upon which towers the monumental 3.2 metre tall statue entitled “Helios” representing a horse rearing before a woman guiding him onto an inner journey. The entire house is perfectly integrated into the landscape, blending into the vegetation.

Even the minutest detail of architecture or interior decoration is judiciously placed, every element an original creation. One could even say that this enchanting dwelling is in itself a work of art – indeed the artist’s life’s work.

Many major compositions are incorporated within the artist’s home, such as the grotto at the entrance crowned by a two metre wide half-sphere representing a concave painting entitled  “Relativité Essentielle” (“Essential Relativity”). As one gazes around, one discovers, in addition to the library, the study, a small fountain and the sculptured column, two life-size statues which evolve along with other smaller sculptures in an enchanting space. The walls are decked with large format paintings: 3 by 2.5 metres, 3 by 2 metres, 2 by 2 metres, etc.

However, the masterpiece is undoubtedly the artist’s workshop, where a monumental 8 by 4.5 metre oil painting on canvas is stuck to the 5.5m high wall. An astonishing bathroom decorated with mirrors, agate stones and rock crystals gives the place a fairy-tale feel further enhanced by the presence of a very large stained-glass window and a unique bed in the shape of a peacock. Rounded shapes dominate in this area where lights placed under crystals in openings in the pink marble floor add yet another touch of magic.


The uniqueness of this residence lies in its originality and in the abundance of its works of art.