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traduction : Katia Saint- Peron


Wanderings (Errances)


After having walked a long spiralling path during the course of my life, I find myself back at the same place from whence I had started in this labyrinth, albeit on a higher plane. A myriad of expanding lace filaments shape the dazzling meanders emerging from the walls with many faces.

Suddenly, the gleaming mirrors darken, becoming invisible. A cascade of lights, of little spheres, bursting like fireworks, leap into a frantic dance.

The cave is vast. Its walls float in the darkness like radiant mirages. What is essential lies over there, behind the emptiness: THE UNKNOWN. All revelations are inscribed in the flowing poem of the Eternal Ocean. But how to reveal them? How to grasp their meaning?



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The waves flecked with pearly spray were beating the majestic rhythm of life. The sea, inspired by the reassuring harmony, unfolded infinite variations on the cavalcades of distant echoes.

Alone before my painting, I heard the call of an unknown bird hidden somewhere among the branches. I continued to meditate. Yes, life is a miracle which remains largely unnoticed and considered banal. But perhaps behind the appearance of things hides the key to life’s eternal dwellings wherein the riddle of its secret is kept.

Life came from the sea of the fluid element surrounding the foetus. Our world is a miracle in the universe.



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Ever before me like a magic show, the light brings forth from the void couples entwined in each other’s arms. Is this really a couple, however, or simply the same entity manifesting itself in two different ways? I know it is a dance of love and that the two beings, loving each other as they do, are one. They are bound together forever, like the duality – male and female – lying deep within our psyche. Duality in existence is primordial. It is the expression of creation. GOOD and EVIL are ontological antinomies. Is a non-dual world conceivable?

However, for double particles to endure there must be a force, a mystery hiding yonder behind the emptiness, in the realm of near where the mirrors are, immersed in a stream of milky light, trembling, apparently boundless.



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 A Promise (Promesse)


A light is born in my conscience. Like a shard of flaming crystal it fills my soul with a myriad splendours. The revelation of a gem of light suspended in emptiness has filled me with joy. No longer will I be alone in the ocean of the night.

A lament began to trace its first signs onto my spirit. My being merged with the All, creating my new identity from the fusion. The will to build welled within me. I am both the universe and myself. The familiar age-old voice will no longer leave me.

It will protect me with its strength in my hours of weakness, for I have entered the gem which holds the mystery of the essence of the universe. The immaterial fluids have flown through the complex meanders of my cells by closing a loop with the ALL.

A promise of love, a promise of life. The man gives out, the woman receives. They plunge into an abstraction of shapes which are meaningful and emotional vibration.



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Riddle (Enigme)


Ethereal, I leap into the emptiness to move closer to that dazzling and fascinating light. With a certain apprehension, I surrender to the captivating charm of the miracle at hand.

This state of grace is not an illusion but a superior journey of the spirit, deep within its inner space.

Since that which is essential is imperceptible, it is revealed through reflection, emotion and love. The three combined form true abstraction, beyond what is visible, the abstraction one feels through the power which emanates from a work of art. Reflection and emotion through inner beauty, not being material, are abstract. Reality will be the means by which values will crystallise into living forms in order to constitute Totality.

This approach places itself both in the evolution of a new spirituality and in the modern trends of science. It bears witness to an intuition concerning all phenomena.



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The Cry (Le cri)


The world is ablaze in an endless struggle. Through the unending procession of life’s ascent, in the battle between Good and Evil – the fight which keeps time moving to the rhythm of Chronos’ heartbeat – are hidden cunning snares and traps of mortal terrors…


The sky clouded over, the storm arose and the mountain began to howl – a long cry issuing from the very depth of its belly. The cry of the mountain merged with that of the crowd. A clap of thunder resounded, passed on by the echo, resonating down to the earth’s core.

A cry of terror - each to himself! A cry without a voice in the midst of pain. A cry of hatred for others and for oneself. What is this ordeal plotted by humanity like a sly and invisible monster and nurtured at the bosom of civilisation? Who is the woman and who is the child?


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After the Ordeal (Après l’épreuve)


It was the annihilating apocalyptic wave of EVIL. We were hanging from the rim of a crest, a small island in the middle of the ocean of emptiness, the great Emptiness apparently mute and cold, where the forces of Good and Evil meet, where the swell rears up, ploughing bottomless abysses. Could we fight back?



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 Somewhere beyond the known space, coming from everywhere and nowhere, notes pierced the veil in harmonious trills.


The throat of an anonymous bird sent out cascades of crystalline melodies. The reborn sun emerged from the mist, tearing the veil which burst and scattered in fragments. We were cast into the air while the menacing growls and the sulphurous light retreated, taking flight on the disorderly waves…

We are all united after the fight. What will happen? What will be future of humanity? Will it find life’s true value?



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 Soma and Psyche


Alone in the dim light of my workshop I was making desperate efforts to discern the visible and invisible lights which passed through my painting. I hesitated to turn on the light, afraid of losing the magic enchantment of nightfall. Life’s symphony vibrated softly within me.

Who am I? What is my link with this music? Where is my consciousness located?

We are not mere matter: we have our thoughts, our emotions, our dreams, our feelings. They are part of our psyche which is consciousness. It does not have any material substance.

The body, shackled in the moss of matter, does not hinder the free spirit, for the latter sees without looking. Thought travels everywhere instantly and dreams know no bounds.



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We are at the edge of the world, of our macroscopic universe, and yonder in the crackling light lies the beginning of the subatomic universe.

Beyond that border, the world recedes faster than the speed of light. The horizon recedes with the light. It is like an invisible wall, for the light is quicker than itself and moves away into another space and another time. Only the universal music is perceptible. It is serene and deeply moving, each time renewed and unique. As I listen to it I get the impression that I have already heard it in another time, for time never begins and never ends. It is the music ingrained in my transcendent memory. Filled with variations and modulations, its ultimate core is the universal rhythm.

It is the music that we cannot learn, the music that we can never forget.



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Ode to Posterity (Ode à la postérité)


Beethoven and his power extend beyond the limits of life. Of his physical life, the imprint of his face remains, his mask. But all physical appearances are ephemeral. Being dead, he is dispossessed of everything. Yet his work abides. Through his music, he remains alive, incredibly alive for posterity. He is resurrected, immortal. He lives within us, in our emotions wrought by his music.


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Animus and Anima


The moisture was condensing and dilating in waves. The influxes, ribbons of iridescent mist, unfurled above the lake. An arc of fire passed through the condensed mist, and a moment later, a streaming globe of water appeared like an egg of pink pearl. In its heart, behind a cloud of dawn, I made out two blurry silhouettes intertwined in a chrysalis’ cocoon. The mist cleared away in confused waves and the couple appeared in their three resonances.

There, at the bottom of our psyche are: woman and man, the conscious and  the unconscious, the self and the me. Three unknown couples. And yet…


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Life’s music is a waltz. That secret music is filled with meaning and mystery.

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             Time vanishes into the infinite. The past and the future merge in the continuous present.

Interconnected by this timeless aerial, we are all together, making up an eternal Being beyond time and space.


At the extreme limit of the universe lies the WALL OF LIGHT. Unlike the sound barrier, it cannot be broken through.

Do all mysteries lie at the level of this enigmatic Wall of Light? Does this great invisible part of the body of life’s constituents bind us to eternity?




If our psyche emits waves tuned to the gem’s vibrations, we will also be involved in the power that emanates from this interference. The identical thoughts in a unified wavelength create a very powerful vibration capable of playing a determining role in the course of history.



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The house


Mad-Jarova creates important works of art within her home, such as the sculptured column, the “Helios” statue, the cave of “Essential Relativity”, the 8 x 4.5m painting “The Apotheosis of Life” displayed on the wall of her workshop, etc. 



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From the day she began to paint at the age of four, Mad-Jarova has created adult paintings with a child’s freshness of mind. Today, after 89 worldwide personal exhibitions from 1969 to 2007, she enjoys a well-earned renown.

Her works of visionary realism are an integral part of the cultural heritage of France and many other countries, especially in the new trend of the Reality of Inner Space.

A visionary from childhood, she finds it perfectly natural to work without the aid of a model, photograph or preliminary sketch. Her statues soar upwards, carried off by a mysterious force which frees them of their weight. Her oil paintings on canvas are created using ordinary brushes and paintbrushes without resorting to any technical devices.